top 5 Parisian cafés I'm dying to visit


I love to travel. Seeing new things and new places, different cultures and hearing different perspectives is so refreshing for me. I love seeing how other people live and think, sometimes for the better or worse. It prompts this desire to learn, change and evolve into my best version. It broadens my perspective in life, reminding me that life is so, so much greater than my small world. Too often I can have tunnel vision, I forget there is a much greater world beyond the corridors of my ten mile radius, or even the corridors of my own thoughts. I think sometimes traveling can prompt a new frame of mind, just being in a different location that the eye has not become so used to seeing.

It's amazing what a pair of fresh eyes can see.


Well, because I love to travel I'm always thinking about trips to plan, both near and far. I'm planning what we'll do and where we'll eat.

So, I'm taking my liberities planning our next trip oversees...

Here's a few of my MUSTS, my top 5 Parisian cafes I'm dying to visit!


1. L'Oiseau Blanc at the Peninsula Hotel :

The main reason I'm dying to eat here is because the views this restaurant has is just over the top. L'Oiseau Blanc has the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. I certainly can picture myself siping on coffee, wasting my morning for a few hours, enjoying the view, enjoying conversations or simply having a good read.

2. Chez Ralph's at Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren's very own restaurant located in Saint German. I mean, it's Ralph Lauren... I know I'm not into the Ralph Lauren label at the moment, but he is an icon when it comes to fashion and is certainly respected. I certainly respect him, after all, he had been greatly successful and has managed to continue a label throughout the decades... That's a feat. The restaurant reflects his taste, style and grace. It's a must!

3. Café de Flore

One of the oldest hot spots in Paris, dating back to the 1880's. You could find people like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso getting their coffee fix here. Although I've been here before, and interestingly enough took Nicole Richie's table as she and friends were leaving, its definitely still a hot spot I want to visit again. It's trendy and it's everything Paris-chic you could imagine. On top of that, the food is great and the atmosphere is very energetic.

4. Merci

You might have seen this place on social media as it's gained popularity over the last year. You'd recognize it with a photo of a red mini car against a beautiful ivy wall. The restaurant itself just looks dreamy. They also have a library were you can peruse through and read any book available while enjoying lunch. At certain times they also have a cinema cafe where you can eat and watch a movie playing through a projector against a wall. Perfection!

5. Angelina:

Hot chocolate is a thing in Paris, and almost everywhere you go you can find some. BUT Angelina has one of the best reviews for hot chocolate. Not only does the restaurant itself look amazing, but so does the food. This is definitely one of my top 5's.

 You think that's all? Well, ahem, you're wrong... I certainly have more places up my sleeves, but for now, this will do. (Wink)

If you know someone who's taking trip to the city of love, send a link of this site! Thanks for reading. Mwah.