Sometimes it seems that life is like one gaint game of tetris.

You know, the video game where shapes fall down quickly from the top the playing field and the goal is to stack each shape together like a puzzle.

No extra space allowed, each piece fitting perfectly together. 


If you've ever played, you can agree that it can become challenging as the pace picks up.

You quickly feel the pressure to make moves faster and faster, and again and again. You might even break a sweat.


While scenerious and situations are unraveling and transpiring from the sequence of our lives, we can often be unsure where and how they will land, much like tetrus. And in a moment of pressure, or stress, we quickly rush to life demands, like a game, to figure it out.


There is sense of uncertainty and vulnerability when we don’t have control or have the advantage of knowning how everything will work together.  So we try to figure it out. And could it be that our eager rational is nothing more than a defensive mechanism to limit hurt, pain or being let down.


I love this scripture.

 “Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother's womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things.” - Ecc 11:5


I’m coming to the realization, that mystery carries along no matter the age and no matter the maturity one might feel.

It doesn’t go away.


The moment you have it figured out is the same moment something else comes along that is again, out of your control and outside of your realm of understanding.

Mystery is alongside every breath in and every breath out. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be figured out. We do not graduate from mystery. It’s a apart of our lives. It cannot always be explained. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes, it’s exciting. Most of the time, it’s rejected.

Yet, it is the very thing that can lead us to our knees before God.


For the next couple of weeks I’ve prepared to continue on this topic from a few different angles.

I invite you to join along, and I pray you are encouraged!



Part II Living with the unresolved

Part III When it’s not what you expected

Part IV It’s ok to when you don’t know


see you again!