It takes time to cultivate anything.

Like a seed planted in soil, with proper care, over time it will eventually amount to something. We must water, care and nurture the seed and if done well, it will sprout into it's full potential.

Our craft, or gifting in life, is much like that seed. We must keep watering our seed. If we don't, it will not grow.


I'm not sure what you on the other end might be attempting to grow at, if anything at all. But I'll take a guess that you have a desire to be great at what you do.

To be the best you can be, and to reach your full potential is a desire within us all.


Whatever you do, and whatever you're passionate about, my question to you... are you watering your seed? Are you growing your gifting?


This website is that for me.

It's not only my hobby but it's also my discipline. It certainly isn't always the most convenient or easy but I love doing it. It has has become the best release of my creativity, yet at the same time it can drain me of energy. It can take me hours to create content and gather my thoughts, sometimes even days or weeks to find the depth, quality and intent I'm looking for.

Excellence will always cost something, while stagnation is free, a human default. We must choose the option to grow in excellence and ability. At the end of the day I not only feel compelled to do this but also, it's my obligation and honor to give God my very best.


So, this is my discipline.

I'm practicing my creativity. It takes work. It takes time. It takes commitment.

And I can't give up. As a creator I have a difficult time with this. I find myself not always completing pieces. I've written so much, yet it just never feels good enough to hit the publish button. I can mull over each small detail, each word, and after time I cannot see the forest for trees. I end up deleting things over and over and rewriting over and over, only to discover I liked my original piece best. I give up on pieces far to often because I can't seem to finish it.

I'm learning sometimes I just have to click the finished button before I'm totally ready.

I said this in a post before, but I'll say it again... Wes is always reminding me that "home runs" don't happen every swing. That's huge for me! I'm reminder that I must finish. I have to land the plan at some point and that in this process it's all about my ability to produce something, a finished product.


I just have to keep batting. One ball after another, until eventually I feel comfortable. And then, once there, I must keep batting. One ball after another, and then I start hitting home runs. But only a few. Then I go at it again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.