The Great Adventure


"Adventure awaits you..."

I know it's a cheesy overused line, but even still, doesn't that sound exciting?

Usually adventure exists from desire to find something. It's highlighted from platforms, it's felt in our media industries, it's created some of the greatest plots for books and movies, and is used as some of the best gimmicks in marketing schemes. 

It's evolved into this trendy concept that people are buying into. Myself included.

The truth is our human nature desires adventure. This SEARCHING linked with FINDING, where the UNKOWNS link with endless POSSIBILTIES. 

What is it that we search for?









Is it that there is desire to escape our current realities?

Maybe our current realities lack the excitement and thrill we look for.

Maybe the thought of finding a "new place" prompts an illusion of a "fresh start."

Or maybe the fear of current outcomes leaves us unable to endure the moments... and escape is our relief.

Whatever the scenerio maybe be that prompts us to search, we were inevitably designed to do so. And not just to SEARCH but to FIND the truth of our existence and the purpose for our beings.


For me, life with God has brought me the greatest sense of adventure. Not only has it brought a sense of purpose and meaning, but it's brought clarity and understanding about my time here. It is continually living on the edge. It's a thrill. It's scary and nerve raking at times and life might not end up the way I wished or planned, but it so far, it's way better than I could have imagined! Even the hard moments in life turn into a beautiful thing. 


Living the adventure can start here and now, right where you are. You don't have to travel across the world to find it. But by embracing Gods plan for you're life, you are sure to experience the great anticipation of full adventure. Our job is just complete surrender.

The gimmicks and marketing schemes don't give credit where credit is do. Adventure's real creator himself, well, he is the best at it. 

Let adventure start now.  Welcome God into your everyday thoughts, here or there, angry or sad, frustated or confused, thankful or glad. And in your everyday experiences, asking for his leading in everything you do. It's easy and it's simple... Where ever you find yourself, just stop, and pray and invite him there into your world. 

For that in itself, is the beginnings of the greatest adventure.