I'm sometimes so logical in my approach to achieving certain life goals it can leave me forgetting that Gods power extends beyond my logic and the domain of my circumstances. Instead I retreat to the idea that life goals are attained through some linear, systematic, and organized structure and approach; Point A to Point B, then to Point C, and on and on. Although this is true for achieving most things, I've learned God is not limited to the laws of science, math and logic when it relates to fulfilling his plans for our lives. God is much greater than this and functions in his own realm, laws and dimensions. 

With that thought, I'm always encouraged by King David's story, from I and II Samuel...

David sat back seat for years tending his fathers sheep, while his older brothers found their place in society. He had the job most looked down upon and prevented him from participating in social functions, even religious functions. Yet, that is where God choose to train and prepare David for the battle with Goliath and his future as king.

The army of Saul, probably trained for years to become what they were, being mighty and fierce, skilled in weaponry, artillery, and the art of battle. None of which David was remotely trained in. He couldn't even walk straight in a proper armor. Yet, despite David's lack of professional war training, God had other means to prepare David. In a moment of time that could have looked meaningless and aimless was the moment God chose to breath on. 

God is so powerful he turns any season in your life to prepare you for the next, even when it doesn't make sense how our current situations could ever position us for our future. Well, to prove us wrong, there was David a shepherd, not trained to fight in war or trained in the leadership of kingship. His life speaks volumes.

So two things to consider here.

1.) Maybe you find yourself consumed in a season of "carrying for the flock," like David, whose job was unseen, often being times being forgotten, left out, and looked over. Maybe deep down you feel called to more in life and you might be wondering and waiting, questioning if your heard God right regarding your future. Don't be discouraged or grow weary, that moment you are in is your place of preparation and training. It might be unusual and not what you envisioned, but embrace your training. Find the best in your season and be faithful to the tasks at hand. The beauty in those moments is that no ones watching, so you have space and room to become all God has called you to be. It's a safe place where you can grow, learn, make mistakes, and let your love for God become greater. Trust God where you are at now, and believe that not only are you right where you need to be but also trust that God is using your now to prepare you for your whats to come. 

2.) If you find yourself in "your shining moment," like David ready to conquer and put an end to the threats of Goliath, embrace your moment. David had every reason to shrink back in fear and intimidation, but he didn't give in. Instead he ran towards his moment with all energies and confidence. While, his own brothers discouraged him he could have easily looked around and thought, "all these men are trained fighters and know far more than me." Yet he gave no weight to other peoples opinions. You might think others around you are more qualified, but God has chosen you. God is never late or early regarding the timings in our lives. So if you find yourself here, you can be confident that God has equipped you with everything you need to win. It might look different than what has been done before, and that's ok. God will help you succeed. Don't shrink back... be bold, be strong, be confident. This is your moment, you're shining moment, so shine.