I did... but I almost didn't...

Five months before this site launched, others around me started pressing me to start a website. I was really reluctant and kept saying no. I kind of thought it was a stupid idea for me. I didn't want to be another voice and feel like I was just wasting time. I also knew that I wasn't the best writer, and that were others who are far better at it. That's just not me. I didn't go to college for this stuff.

I think it all intimidated me, and mostly made me feel I just wasn't needed.


In the process of deciding, I wondered for myself and others how many times we "didn't" when we should have. You didn't speak up. You didn't go to college. You didn't befriend that new comer. You didn't go on that trip. You didn't try that new hair style. You didn't call the guy or girl.

You just didn't... for whatever reason.

I guess in it all, I came to the conclusion I didn't want that to be my story.

There will always be a pull and a temptation to hold back. It can disguise itself in many forms. And there will always be someone, somewhere who is better at what you do. It's just inevitable, and if we let that define whether or not we put our skin in the game, then we'll never do anything. 

But we all have a part to play here.

Without you and without me, our world just wouldn't be the same. There are great responsibilities at hand, God initiatives and agendas that we are to pioneer. We are built to use our God-given talents, abilities, callings, passions, ideas for business, for art, for science, for literature, for design on all spectrum's, all for greater purposes.

There is more to be done and there is room for all in this world to live out your God-giving expression.

Something my husband and I always encourage each other is giving everything a shot. Don't worry whether or not you will hit the ball out of the park. Just try it! Hitting home runs do not happen every swing. Instead let your focus be on pleasing God and stepping out where you feel called to. And if it doesn't work out, don't cry about it, trust God, move on to the next, and embrace the mystery of discovering what you are called to do.

I appreciate others who have walked before me and set a beautiful example. They stepped out to pursue dreams and would eventually do incredible things but the beginning stages projected anything but that. Some, not knowing the outcome, ended up facing failure. Yet, they didn't give failure any attention, they continued on and as a result went on to fulfill their dreams. I hear their stories and I'm challenged to never let fear keep me from doing something or from moving forward. They "did" it. 

So here I am, keeping at this because   I too want my story be "I did."